Spherical bearings, precision rod end bearings, custom designs division, develops, tests and manufactures high performance solutions.

Our high performance bearings are used in critical applications on civil and military aircraft, helicopters, high-speed trains and trams and a diverse range of other military and industrial applications.

NMB (MinebeaMitsumi Inc.) is the world’s largest manufacturer of spherical bearing and rod ends with a global market share of approximately 60%. (MinebeaMitsumi Inc. estimate for aerospace application)

NMB manufacture standard bearings with exceptional durability, ensuring consistently superior performance despite changes in temperature and air pressure. Accordingly the aerospace industry imposes stringent standards we have obtained MIL standard and certification from main commercial aircraft manufacturers in Japan, U.S.A. and Europe.

We have the capability and knowledge to manufacture custom parts with unique geometries and dimensional constraints, where performance counts.

NMB manufactures low-friction spherical bearings in a large range of sizes, from small steering column applications to much larger components including sophisticated surface control systems, landing gear for wide-bodied aircraft and tram steering gear assemblies.

NMB is an important reference for the Helicopters market thanks to NHBB facility (MinebeaMitsumi Inc.) specialist for commercial and military helicopter applications, including airframe control actuators, accessory engine links, engine mounts, helicopter rotor assemblies, and landing gear.

In addition, the company produces rod end suspension bearings for most of the leading Formula 1 racing teams, rally championship and other high-performance car manufactures where optimum performance and reliability under extreme operating conditions are essential.

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