DC Brush motors

We provide high-precision dc brush motors available with various gearboxes and encoders. Our solutions fit a broad range of applications ranging from automotive applications, OA (Office Automation) machines, industrial equipment, home electric appliances, amusement equipment, audio visual (AV) equipment, etc.

Our unique development and supply system enables you to choose from a wide selection of sizes and outputs that vary from compact, thin types to high torque types, with a combination of characteristics to suit your particular application requirements.

Our SE serie main strengths are:

Smaller dimension, lighter weight, higher torque.

We have the same torque performance as the predecessor rounded section motors in half motor volume, or twice the torque with the same volume as the predecessor )

New rounded edge design

saves space and makes installation easier in equipment.

Low noise

(2-pole 3-slot ⇒ 4-pole 6-slot),

Low cogging

Long life

Extensive product lineup ranging

from 8×8mm to 30×30mm

DC Brush motors Applications

Personal Computers

Car navigation system

Car Audio

Door Lock

Automotive (Door Lock, Mirror Actuator)

DVD/Blu-ray Disc Player