Here at Minebea, research and development has been the key factor to continuous growth providing innovative solutions for all our business.

Our R&D can leverage technology across all industries and scientific areas where we are involved and which include Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Mechatronics, Power Generation, Home appliances, Office automation, ATM and HVAC applications.
Our strength is based on our core technologies and how we use them as a support to our business.

Thanks to our thousands engineers all over the world, we are able to keep the highest level of expertise and competitiveness giving our customers huge advantages from continuous improvements of their performances.
Our worldwide R&D centers are equipped with the most complete instrumentation and tests equipment to be used from design to production for every possible technical need.
Thank to our laboratories we can also support our customers to develop new and smarter solutions to their technological problems.
Minebea has a dynamic global network of R&D centers working on new products development.
As Minebea’s Sales Office in Italy, NMB Italia has an Engineering team which can help Customers to develop new solutions to their technical needs.

I nostri centri di ricerca e sviluppo sono dotati delle più moderne e complete strumentazioni di misura e test che vengono utilizzati dalla fase di progettazione a quella di produzione e per ogni altra possibile necessità tecnica.

Grazie ai nostri laboratori possiamo anche supportare i nostri clienti per sviluppare soluzioni nuove e più intelligenti per i loro problemi tecnologici.

NMB Italia (sede italiana del Gruppo Minebea Mitsumi Inc.) ha una squadra di ingegneri che può aiutare i suoi clienti a sviluppare nuove soluzioni per le loro esigenze tecniche avvalendosi di un laboratorio ben attrezzato e finalizzato proprio a sostenere questa attività.

NMB Italia also has a well-equipped laboratory used to support this activity. Into this laboratory we also perform:


Motors’ mechanical and electrical performance measurements

(output torque, output speed, input power and current, efficiency)


Air movers performance measurements

(Static, Dynamic and Total Air pressure, Airflow, Input current and input power, Output power, Efficiency, Impeller’s speed and environmental conditions)


Heating generation evaluation

by infrared temperature measurements


Electrical circuits and motor control

driver design and development


3D design and realization by 3D printer

SLS system for customer prototype activity


Noise pressure and vibration

(X , Y and Z axis) measure in anechoic chamber with 16 dB background noise


Life test simulation by climatic chamber

(humidity and temperature stress)


Dimensional and surface analysis

for mechanical components like Ball Bearing raceway